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CQUTTT focuses on theory and technology of micro-nano scale thermal phenomena, thermodynamics theory and engineering applications, biomass pyrolysis utilization, energy saving and emission reduction in industrial fields, and is striving towards the goal of promoting the development of sustainable energy and energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition, many research projects of our team are being applied in Chinese industry including many fundamental research projects, such as the China NSF projects, the National 973 Projects, National Science and Technology Support projects, etc. In recent years, our team has received the Science and Technology Progress Award from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Progress Awards from the State Education Commission, and 1 Provincial and Ministerial Award such as the Machinery Industry Science Progress Award. Our team also published the famous textbook "Engineering Thermodynamics" and 500 research papers.

Meet our group members

Associate Professor Qibin Li gave a special presentation on the adsorption and energy storage of nano-fluids in porous media. (The Engineering Thermodynamics and Energy Utilization Branch of the Engineering Thermophysics Society, Shanghai, China, 2020.)

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